Manufacturing and Sales of Wood- Processing Machines of European-Level quality

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The NICKMANN Brand gains more and more popularity in Bulgaria and on World markets.

Manufacturing and Sales of

Wood- Processing Machines of European-Level quality



ZMM “STOMANA” AD is a company with extensive experience and lasting traditions in the machine building branch of the industry. Found in Silistra in 1945, until 1991 this was one of the biggest manufacturers of metal processing machines and equipment for the founding industry in Bulgaria.

In view of the demand for furthering the efficiency of the business management in a rapidly changing and very competitive environment, the company has reoriented its production activity towards the development and production of wood-processing machines.

A major feature of the enterprise is its ability to effectively realize short term and high quality design and manufacture projects all due to the professionalism and potential of the personnel as well as the good production and technological facilities.

During the last several years ZMM “STOMANA” AD has been able to develop a wide range of wood processing machines like the series of single, twin and multi-operational machines, planers, thickness planers, drillers, circular saws, milling machines, belt saws, lathes and belt-grinders, edge banding machines, air aspirators etc.

Our products have a CE Certificate which opens a road to the markets of the World. The NIKMANN MASCHINEN trade mark, under which they are distributed, gradually acquires a wider popularity in Bulgaria and on a number of foreign markets.

The world Of wood-processing machines

S 350 CNC

Aluminum sliding table. Telescopic fence 1500 mm with two turnable supports. Rip fence with electric drive with ball screw pair. Extension of the table to the cutting width of 1500 mm. Saw blade tilt to 45° with 10” touch screen display. Automatic tilt and up and down motion.

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Log band saw is designed exclusively for cutting soft, hard, dry, raw or frozen timber or wooden prisms; their length complies with the machine design. The material must be placed and clamped on rail supports. The cutting unit must be moved manually. Cutting unit by combustion engine.

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New mixing and mechanical recovery system was put into operation for self-solidifying mixtures on the base of furfuryl resin produced by OMEGA – UK

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